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Don Hazelton Memorial at Eagle Valley Speedway


Jim Falls, Wisconsin - The Eagle Valley Speedway and Nordstrom EDI, Credit King, and Chippewa Heavy Haul presented the Don Hazelton Memorial along with Kids Night. Additionally, it was the Eagle Valley Speedway AFCO Race of Champions Qualifier as feature winners punched their ticket to the Race of Champions at the WISSOTA 100 in September. The WISSOTA Street Stocks, WISSOTA Pure Stocks, WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds, WISSOTA Super Stocks, WISSOTA Modifieds, and EVS Hornets were all in action. Feature winners included Mike Anderson, Tommy Richards, Nick Koehler, Andrew Hanson, George Richards, and Jake Halterman.
The WISSOTA Modified heats were won by Tyler Luger and Mike Anderson as Jake Smith and Anderson held the front row of the feature after the AFCO Race of Champions redraw. At the drop of the green it was Anderson moving to the ultra high side of the raceway and immediately putting distance on the field. Smith settled into second and by lap four, Micheal Truscott had moved from sixth to third. The following lap, Truscott overtook Smith for the runner up position and he tried in vain to close the distance on Anderson.
A lap 12 caution flag flew which brought the group back to Anderson’s tail on the restart. Truscott dug hard on the green flag and pulled even with Anderson down low in turns three and four and they raced side by side to the flag stand. Anderson adjusted his line to run against the wall in turns one and two and lower through three and four, and he began to stretch his advantage once again. The race ran green all the way to the checkered flag with Anderson passing under it for his ninth feature win on the season with a ten car length advantage over Truscott. Smith was third over Jake Miller and Cole Spacek who rounded out the top five.
The WISSOTA Super Stock heats were won by Terran Spacek and Jeff Brauer as Brauer and Kevin Hager led them to green at feature time. Third starting Curt Myers took the lead on the first lap as Brauer fought hard in the high line in second. Tommy Richards overtook Brauer on lap two and one lap later, he drove under Myers for the point. The first of five caution flags flew with three laps scored as Rick Peterson spun in turns three and four.
On the restart there was a caution involving Joseph Miller before a lap was completed. The next attempt saw Richards back under power up front as Myers chased in the high groove. Myers was able to stay right in the shadow of Richards but a spinning Tony Falkner slowed the pace and it was Spacek called for the foul. Under green again, Richards built a slight advantage over Myers who had a like advantage over Brauer, Falkner, and Lukas Koski who had raced from thirteenth to fifth.
Myers had cooled his heels and was ready for another run at the leader as he closed the gap to a car length. Richards was in heavy traffic and Myers pulled even on the backstretch. It appeared as Myers had the advantage but a Hager and Miller tussle in turn three drew the caution flag. On the restart, Richards lead but Myers hounded him just above him on the raceway. Myers moved side by side for the lead once again but a spinning car slowed the torrid action. This time on the restart, it was Richards changing his line to high through one and two and low through three and four. Myers had no answer and Richards pulled away to the checkered flag. It was Myers finishing second over Brauer, Falkner, and Marcus Simonson.
The WISSOTA Street Stock Feature was another amazing race with twists and turns throughout. It was Braden Brauer on the pole with Danny Richards to his outside at the start of the feature. Brauer, the 15 year old fresh off his first ever feature win the evening before, set the tone as he immediately jumped to the front and led the pack. CJ Wagner moved to second as Richards settled into third. Brauer continued to lead as Wagner stalked him from behind until lap four when he began to peak underneath the leader in the corners but Brauer maintained the lead down the straightaways.
Behind the lead pack, seventh starting Calvin Iverson raced both high and low on his way to fourth where he pulled even with and challenged Richards for third. On lap 12 of the 15 scheduled circuits, Richards suddenly broke down and moved to the inside of the tire barrier in turn one. The caution flag flew and the front runners, already in tight formation at speed, were stacked up for the restart. Brauer was leading to green when his right front suspension collapsed ending his very fine run. The restart saw Wagner setting the pace.
As Wagner ran low, Iverson moved to his outside to challenge for the point. Coming to the white flag, Wagner moved up in turn four to halt some of Iverson’s momentum. It was the opening Andrew Hanson needed as he had moved into third on the restart and was in the leader’s shadows. He took the opening on the inside and powered past both for the lead. The last circuit saw Hanson in control for the exciting win as Wagner nipped Iverson at the checkered flag for second. Parker Anderson and Dalton Hazelton rounded out the top five finishers. Bruce Stanley had a fine run finishing in sixth position. The heats were topped by Iverson and Wagner.
The WISSOTA Midwest Modified heats were won by a who’s who group of Calvin Iverson, Nick Koehler, and Michael Truscott and the feature was outstanding. It was Iverson to the lead early over Derek Haas as Koehler and Shane Halopka raced side by side for third. On lap four, Haas spun in second and Halopka used all of his skills to miss him on the raceway. The restart saw Halopka move beside Iverson for the lead and they remained that way for two laps when Halopka began to edge out front. A spinning Cole Mueller slowed the action and negated the pass however. The first attempt at the restart was aborted for a caution but the next try went green.
Iverson continued to lead as Koehler and Halopka moved door to door for second. Koehler overtook the position running the high line and was able to move halfway beside Iverson. Iverson continued to lead but Koehler was able to pull even once again. Koehler was unable to make the pass and settled back into second position as Truscott had moved from his seventh starting spot and overtook Halopka for third. Once again, Koehler was able to mount a charge from near the wall and he pulled even with the leader. At the white flag, Iverson held the slightest of an advantage but Koehler wasn’t done yet. On the final circuit, they raced side by side and Koehler used the high side momentum to snatch the lead at the checkered flag, winning by inches. Iverson was forced to settle for second as Truscott and Halopka led fifth finishing Shadow Kitchner to the line.
George Richards and Jared Akervik won the WISSOTA Pure Stock heats as Nicholas Hazelton and Akervik led them to green in the feature. It was Akervik to the point as they raced three wide behind him for second. Akervik continued to lead but a Brett Johnson caution slowed the pace after three laps had been scored. On the restart, there was a big crash in turn one which saw five cars come to a stop on the raceway and others obviously damaged in the incident but were able to keep going. Bob Thompson, Mikey Blevins, Nick Carvelli, and Micheal Grover were all eliminated from the race due to damage.
The restart saw George Richards move even with the leader and the old adage of “If were even, I’m leaving” rang true as Richards moved into the distance toward yet another win. Travis Hazelton was on the move as he drove beside Akervik and then overtook the position. With two laps remaining, Hazelton pulled to the infield as the car went up in smoke. Richards won over Akervik, with Cole Richards in third, Nicholas Hazelton was scored fourth and Ryan Clausen closed out the top five.
The EVS Hornets were swept by Jake Halterman although he was pressured throughout the feature by Armond Love. It was Dean Butler finishing third over, Danny Halterman and fifth place Joslin Carothers.
The Eagle Valley Speedway returns to racing on August 11, 2019, with the third annual K-Runk Memorial paying $1,223 to win the Midwest Modifieds. It will be sponsored by River Country Coop and American Heros Night. The WISSOTA Street Stocks, WISSOTA Pure Stocks, WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds, WISSOTA Super Stocks, WISSOTA Modifieds, and EVS Hornets will all be in action. As always, there will be a bike given away to one boy and girl by Oium Blacktop and Oium Well Drilling.

Article Credit: Brad Erickson
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