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Racing for tonight has been canceled - See you Sept. 10th.


Stock Car Racing Schedule - 2021

1 - Pure Stocks

As of 9/10/2021
PosCarDriverHometownWinsTop 5Top 10FeaturesPointsGap
11Ryan OlsonLadysmith, WI391112909-
231Travis HazeltonChippewa Falls, WI81011806103
35RGeorge RichardsMondovi, WI4999772137
463Ken LarsonClear Lake, WI31010644265
5R44Patrick SmithEau Claire, WI589564345
692Karl KnoppsChippewa Falls, WI3677563346
72BNicholas HazeltonChippewa Falls, WI455412497
802Sierra HazeltonChippewa Falls, WI34305604
949Dean PronschinskeStrum, WI244293616
1023RJames RahnHaugen, WI123173736
117XBlake LobaczPittsville, WI122165744
1295FDevin FriesPhillips, WI133162747
13101Michael GroverChetek, WI22156753
14494Randy ShackletonJim Falls, WI122132777
152Nate SzymoniakEau Claire, WI222129780
1619JJared AkervikSuperior, WI1111100809
17AKMitchell KesanMedford, WI133395814
1800ZBryar ZimmermanBirchwood, WI22291818
1987Chris JohnsonEau Claire, WI2278831
2052Zachary FolzRice Lake, WI1178831
2117Donnie GeigerDorchester, WI2276833
2202Gunther KellumChippewa Falls, WI1174835
2340BWayne Braun JrWeyerhaeuser, WI1174835
24494Dylan ShackletonChippewa Falls, WI1172837
2522Todd FrydrychFall Creek, WI45864
26jake stowellMedford, WI110909
278BALLDustin HeierMedford, WI110909
2826kevin barteltChippewa Falls, WI110909
2929Armond LoveEau Claire, WI10909
302BALLCody KaiserWI10909
317Mike SchniderCameron, WI10909
325Roger WalkerPhillips, WI10909
3329MRob GrabonBruce, WI10909
344KTerry KempRice Lake, WI10909
3585Travis SmithMedford, WI10909
Driver Registration
Haas Inc
Coors Light
Arts Snowmobiles
Tims Automotive Machine
Pro Valley Auto Glass
JP Mechanical
Oium Blacktop
Powder Plus
Attack Shocks
Eagle Valley Campground
Rock Auto - Eagle Valley Speedway
Southworth Chevrolet
Northwest Coin
River Country Coop
Baxter Engines

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Current Points

UMSS Wing Sprint Carsas of 5/7/2021
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1 - Pure Stocksas of 9/10/2021
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2 - Street Stocksas of 9/10/2021
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3 - Hornetsas of 8/20/2021
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3 - USRA Late Modelsas of 8/20/2021
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